final case class Clone(id: CloneId, depth: Depth, transform: CloneTransformData) extends DependentNode with BasicSpatialModifiers[Clone]

A single cloned instance of a cloneblank

trait Serializable
trait Product
trait Equals
trait SceneNode
class Object
trait Matchable
class Any

Value members

Concrete methods

def flip: Flip
def withCloneId(newCloneId: CloneId): Clone
def withDepth(newDepth: Depth): Clone
def withFlip(newFlip: Flip): Clone
def withHorizontalFlip(isFlipped: Boolean): Clone
def withPosition(newPosition: Point): Clone
def withRotation(newRotation: Radians): Clone
def withScale(newScale: Vector2): Clone
def withTransforms(newPosition: Point, newRotation: Radians, newScale: Vector2, flipHorizontal: Boolean, flipVertical: Boolean): Clone
def withVerticalFlip(isFlipped: Boolean): Clone

Inherited methods

def productElementNames: Iterator[String]
Inherited from
def productIterator: Iterator[Any]
Inherited from

Concrete fields

lazy val flipHorizontal: Boolean
lazy val flipVertical: Boolean
lazy val ref: Point
lazy val rotation: Radians
lazy val scale: Vector2
lazy val x: Int
lazy val y: Int