object Combo
trait Product
trait Mirror
class Object
trait Matchable
class Any

Type members

Inherited types

type MirroredElemLabels <: Tuple

The names of the product elements

The names of the product elements

Inherited from
type MirroredLabel <: String

The name of the type

The name of the type

Inherited from

Value members

Concrete methods

def GamepadInputs(inputs: List[GamepadInput]): Combo
def KeyInputs(inputs: Key*): Combo
def KeyInputs(inputs: List[Key]): Combo
def MouseInputs(inputs: MouseInput*): Combo
def MouseInputs(inputs: List[MouseInput]): Combo
def empty: Combo
def withGamepadInputs(newInputs: List[GamepadInput]): Combo
def withKeyInputs(newInputs: Key*): Combo
def withKeyInputs(newInputs: List[Key]): Combo
def withMouseInputs(newInputs: MouseInput*): Combo
def withMouseInputs(newInputs: List[MouseInput]): Combo